Vitamin C ( Calcium Ascorbate ) 500mg Sustained Release Pellets Capsules for Antioxidant Protection

Vitamin C ( Calcium Ascorbate ) 500mg Sustained Release Pellets Capsules for Antioxidant Protection


Basic information:

Product Name Vitamin C Sustained Release Pellets Capsule
Origin of Capsule Gelatin capsule or Veggie capsule
Size 1#,0#,00# or as your request
Main Ingredients Vitamin C 500mg (as Calcium Ascorbate) or as your request
Quality Up to standard
Package In bulk,bottle,blister or box
Storage Store in cool and dry places, keep away from strong light.
Shelf life 2 years when properly stored.



Calcium ascorbate is a compound with the molecular formula CaC₁₂H₁₄O₁₂. It is the calcium salt of ascorbic acid, one of the mineral ascorbates. It is approximately 10% calcium by mass. As a food additive, it has the E number E 302. It is approved for use as a food additive in the EU, USA and Australia and New Zealand.

Calcium ascorbate is a form of vitamin C that is also used to prevent or treat deficiency of vitamin C in patients who do not take enough of the vitamin from their diets. This product also contains calcium. When ingested, Calcium Ascorbate is hydrolyzed in the stomach giving calcium and ascorbate ions. The stomach hydrochlorid acid then converts this ascorbate ion into ascorbic acid. According to this there is no net increase in the acid concentration of the stomach.

Both the calcium and the vitamin C from calcium ascorbate are well absorbed. A popular vitamin C supplement containing calcium ascorbate and small amounts of other forms of vitamin C claims it is better absorbed than supplements containing just ascorbic acid, but the evidence for this is conflicting.

Calcium ascorbate is a great source of vitamin C if you are sensitive to the acidity associated with most vitamin C supplements. Our SR pellets capsule contains pure calcium ascorbate encapsulated within a hard shell to form a high-quality vitamin C supplement without the acidity.


Difference between Ascorbic acid and Calcium ascorbate

Chemically these two compounds are different only in one atome, as Calcium ascorbate is calcium salt of acorbic acid. Calcium ascorbate, is alkaline form and will alkalize the blood wheres ascorbic acid is as named acid form and will acidify the blood. Supplements with ascorbic acid contain 100 % of vitamin C, while Calcium ascorbate supplements are combination of calcium and ascorbic acid, providing about 890 to 910 mg of vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid per 1,000 mg of supplement, with the range of 90 to 110 mg of calcium amount.

According to the Office of Dietary Supplements, Ascorbic acid supplements are absorbed almost equally as the ascorbic acid that is present in foods naturally. Both the calcium and ascorbic acid are well absorbed from calcium ascorbate. However, it has been shown that popular vitamin C combinations supplements containing calcium ascorbate and small amounts of other forms of vitamin C are better absorbed than supplements containing only ascorbic acid, however the evidence for this is questionable.

In rare cases ascorbic acid supplements may cause you to experience side effects, such as upset stomach, heartburn or diarrhea, then calcium ascorbate may be a better option because the calcium works as an acid buffer. However, more relevant evidences are needed to prove that this form reduces side effects. Also, very important is that calcium ascorbate replenishes the calcium that is excreted in urine as it contains chelating properties of Vitamin C.

Tolerable upper intake level for calcium ascorbate supplements is 2,500 mg/per day with taking into account the other foods and supplements you are consuming. Patients should avoid consuming more ascorbic acid in more than the tolerable upper intake level of 2,000 mg per day unless doctor say otherwise. Adverse effect including stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea and a reduction in the absorption of vitamin B-12 and copper can be caused. Patients with diagnosed hemochromatosis, should avoid vitamin C supplements as they can increases iron absorption. In addition, high ascorbic acid intake may increase blood sugar levels and risk of heart diseases in diabetics. Ascorbic acid may also interact with following drugs: NSAIDs, antacids, blood thinners, tetracyclines, chemotherapy drugs and protease inhibitors. Thus calcium-ascorbed is may be considered as safer supplement in such cases.

By taking Calcium Ascorbate, vitamin C will not remove more calcium than that ingested. Also Calcium Ascorbate is always better solution than Sodium ascorbate because sodium can raise blood pressure and also for every 500 mg of sodium ascorbate, 60 mg of sodium will be ingested. The sodium ascorbate is readily dissociated into sodium and ascorbate as sodium does not form chelates.

As a neutral salt, calcium ascorbate has natural gentleness with numerous advantages as a source of vitamin C and calcium. It is gentle to the stomach and helps replacing calcium that vitamin c might remove from the system. Calcium ascorbate is recommended for athletes and the elderly but also for those who wants to strengthen their muscle and bones and to reduce aging process.


  • SUSTAINED SLOW RELEASE: Continuous benefits over a longer period of time!
  • HIGHEST QUALITY FORMULA: Our Vitamin C was formulated and recommended by the greatest Vitamin C minds.

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Vitamin C ( Calcium Ascorbate ) 500mg Sustained Release Pellets Capsules for Antioxidant Protection


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